Do you want to work for a company that values practical skills?

VKK Group is one of Finland’s leading suppliers of heat plants. Our business began with manufacturing chip removal ducts used in wood processing. From there, we expanded to chip removal systems as well as heat and steam plants. As a result of long-term work, we are a respected supplier with a good reputation as a provider of long-lasting and reliable plants and chip removal systems.

Where do the reputation and skills come from? They come from us having chosen to employ people with a genuine interest in their field and their work. The facilities and systems that we deliver across the country require the expertise of many professionals from plant design to component manufacturing and installation work. Do you want to be one of them?

What kind of jobs do we offer?

We have jobs available in plant design, project management, sales, purchasing, production, and installation and maintenance tasks. As our operation grows, you have the opportunity to develop and advance in your career with us. In our factory, we apply the multi-skilled method. This means that workers get to learn the production work in a versatile way, which brings variety to the work and increases skills. There is also the opportunity to move to installation and maintenance work, as those who have an overall understanding of how the plant is built do well in installation work. See open jobs through the link. You can also leave an open application where you tell about yourself in free form and why you would like the job. Attach a CV to the open application and tell about basic information about your education and work experience. Send an open application to

Internship positions

Professional skills are not only acquired through studying but also by doing. If you are interested in jobs in the metal industry and like practical work, you can apply to intern with us. There are internships available in machining, sheet metal work (welding), and metal worker jobs. For more information about internships, please contact Katri Varpuluoma at or 040 7235 298. You can also send a direct application. Tell us about yourself and why you would like an internship. If you have previous work experience or internship in any job, please also attach a CV.

Please see open positions here.

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