Flue Gas Cleaning

We supply flue gas filters for plants ranging from 1 to 50 MW in size, with options including modern hose filters or electric filters. We design and install flue gas cleaning systems for existing plants, ensuring that the particle emissions of the plant comply with current air protection regulations. The filter can be installed alongside the old cleaning system, or the entire flue gas cleaning system can be rebuilt.

The particulate emission after the hose filter is only a few mg/Nm³, which is significantly lower than the current, and future, legal requirements. The advantages of a hose filter compared to an electric filter include lower investment cost and internal consumption, resulting in lower operating and lifecycle costs. When properly sized, the interval for the hose filter’s filter bag replacement is approximately 3–5 years.

The hose filter is prefabricated in the factory, resulting in a short installation time. When connecting the filter to an existing system, the shutdown time can be as short as a few days.

The filters are always tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer. The filters are designed for northern conditions and can be customized according to customer preferences. Each filter is individually sized, considering the fuels used, boiler power, and flue gas quantity. Materials used include carbon steel or acid-resistant steel.