High-Pressure Pneumatic Conveyors

A high-pressure pneumatic conveyor is a cost-effective system for transferring by-products from factories if the transfer distance is long. The line transfers material at high pressure through pipes to the desired location. The system can transfer various by-products from fine dust to coarser material, and even up to 100 mm long wood chips.

The line made of steel pipes is very durable. The blower itself is on the ‘clean side’, which means that the transferred material does not wear down the blower. Another advantage of the system is low maintenance costs. The transfer capacity of the line is 500–100,000 kg/h. Proper sizing of the pipes is crucial for efficient operation. A rotary piston blower is used as the transfer blower, with an efficiency of over 90%. The transfer distance can be up to 1000 m.

We have been manufacturing transfer lines for over 30 years. We specialize in transferring by-products of the mechanical wood processing industry, but the transfer lines can also be adapted for transferring other by-products.