Silo Systems

The wood processing and forest industry uses spiral steel silos for storing sawdust, chip, and process materials. In energy production, spiral steel silos store wood chips, pellets, and other renewable energy biomass fractions. The plastic industry stores granules, powders, and plastic scraps in spiral steel silos. Spiral steel silos are also suitable for storing fertilizers, ash, cement, sand, and other powdery and granular materials. The seam tightness also allows for the storage of water, sludge, and even biogas.

We manufacture spiral steel silos with specialized machines, creating a multiple, tight, and structurally reinforcing seam. The silo shell has no screws, and its inner wall is smooth. Therefore, the possibilities for using these silos are almost limitless.

We manufacture complete silo systems for the industries mentioned above. A silo system is a whole, where the customer’s material is transferred to the silo to the factory process in an appropriate manner. We build a functional system for the customer, which includes the most suitable dischargers and conveyor systems, monitoring and control technology, and necessary equipment such as weighing devices, elevators, and rotary feeders. We also supply all necessary steel structures and maintenance platforms.